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I have purposely avoided coming home as to avoid the evening crowds. Last night we made the mistake of entering the neighborhood from the Alluvial entrance, which is the longest route to the house. I saw the regular infractions: children hanging out of doors, and cars with their headlights turned off; as well as the regular annoyances: cars that stop at every house, people walking on lawns, and people wearing all black. 

Tonight is Christmas eve, and it has apparently stopped raining, so I’m expecting the regular Christmas eve crowd. Because I have only suffered two nights of chaos so far, I hope that I will not have my regular Christmas eve tantrum/explosion of pent of anger. Last year I was very close to yelling at a family and telling them to go where the sun don’t shine. I feel calm and collected so far. 

more pictures to follow. 

Photo Set

The first part of the decorations went up Thanksgiving weekend. It took all day to remove all the leaves from the trees and trim all the bushes.

Dad is making new cut outs for the lawn this year. 

The crowds started coming this weekend. Only half of the neighborhood actually turned on their lights though…


I am so glad I don't live on one of these streets...

10 Places that take Christmas Decorations Really Seriously 


Dear Friends,

I must apologize. This year the posts will be limited. I’m making the transition into adulthood and am blessed to move out of my family home. I am so thankful that I have a job that allows me to live in my own apartment, far away from the Christmas hell.

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day all the neighbors pull out the Christmas lights. The weather was so nice… everyone was out decorating in short sleeve shirts.

My dad has been phasing out our old strands of lights and replacing them with LED lights. LED is so much brighter. It makes the house glow. This year the lights are white and blue… I think it looks more like a Hanukkah house. My dad also wanted to make new lawn characters. He spent all night in the garage cutting out characters and making my mom make paint runs.

Here’s a look at some of the lights the night they went out. It’s probably the only night the neighbors get to stand outside and enjoy their artwork without the traffic.

yours truly,



The outside Christmas decorations are put away. It’s actually quiet at night. IT’S OVER!!! Praise be to God.

Until next year…


Dear Blog,

Thank you for helping me keep my sanity. I survived without any mental break downs or strong desires to scream “f*%$ you” to every car that drove by.

And to the lady who said, “Your house looks really great,” I didn’t respond because I don’t care.



Dear Rain,

Thank you for keeping the cars and the pedestrians away. Please don’t go away and stay another (three) days. Thank you.

Your Friend





I already have a problem with the four hours of non-stop traffic every night, but sometimes pedestrians really push my buttons. I didn’t ask you to come to my neighborhood, and I most definitely did not invite you on my front lawn.

The other night I was attempting to nap before my closing shift at the mall (I didn’t get off of work until 12:30 AM) when I heard unusually loud screaming outside my window. I opened the shutter to find a six year old standing in front of my window. He was touching the decorations (which are fragile and weather beaten). I knocked loudly on the window and shooed him away. When he heard me (he didn’t realize that I was inside—just like everyone else who forgets that people actually live inside these houses), a look of terror crossed his face and he went running. I wish I had a picture of his face. It was priceless. Yes I like to emit fear in the hearts of little children. I only do it because it’s dangerous for them to be on my front lawn. There are a lot of black electric cords strung across the lawn. If you’re not careful you could trip, take down all the lawn lights, and possibly hurt yourself.

Here’s a child on another neighbor’s lawn. See the electric cords on the ground? Lucky for her, the grass is short. The grass on my front lawn is tall and hides the cords.

Possible injury lawsuit? Yes. I hope we get a good lawyer.